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"To reach perfection, I do not need to grow up. On the contrary, I need to stay little, to become more and more little."-St Therese of Lisieux

Privilege and Fatherlessness

If white privilege is real, then "father privilege" is real. Whatever benefits might have accrued to me as a result of my skin color, I can't help but recognize that I've been tremendously blessed to have had a loving, caring... Continue Reading →

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Joy All the Way Down: An Easter Meditation

(Introductory Note: This blog post is more personal and a bit less polished than my usual writing. I wrote the initial draft as a private meditation to help me process my own experience at an Easter Vigil Mass a few... Continue Reading →

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Who’s Your Hero?

I had a girl for a hero!

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My Official Repudiation of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias

Belief in Christ is not a license to commit grave crimes against other human beings--God does not give anyone a ticket to Heaven, whereby we can commit grave crimes against other human beings and be forgiven automatically without repenting.

St. John Nepocene Neumann: A Tender Man with an Iron Faith, or, An Unlikely American Saint, Part 2

In my first post of this three-part series, I described the mental struggles suffered by St. John Neumann as a seminarian, and how he nonetheless endeavored a dangerous (and possibly one-way) journey to the United States in order to seek... Continue Reading →

St. John Nepocene Neumann: A Tender Man with an Iron Faith, or, An Unlikely American Saint, Part 1

When one thinks of the great heroes of the United States, one might call to mind hypermasculine figures that faced the hardships of life head-on with an indomitable swagger. One might call to mind John Wayne (or, at least, the... Continue Reading →

Anne Frank: The Theology of a Young Girl (A Catholic Ecumenical Perspective)

God won’t let you down. Have faith in Him...He has helped so many others!

Norma McCorvey, AKA Jane Roe: A Pro-Life Fraud? Some Initial Thoughts.

Norma McCorvey's sincerity, or lack thereof, is simply immaterial to the truth of the pro-life cause.

An Easter Meditation: Mister Funny Angel

Death doesn't run the show; Jesus does.

Calling the Shots: Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

When it comes to the science of vaccines, we should value the opinions of hundreds of experts from across the globe over the opinions of thousands of concerned parents, no matter how well-intentioned or intelligent the latter may be.

Do Catholics Trust in Their Good Works for Salvation?

As a Catholic, I'm not trying work my way into Heaven, wondering if I've prayed enough rosaries or done enough good deeds to get in.

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