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"To reach perfection, I do not need to grow up. On the contrary, I need to stay little, to become more and more little."-St Therese of Lisieux

Joy All the Way Down: An Easter Meditation

(Introductory Note: This blog post is more personal and a bit less polished than my usual writing. I wrote the initial draft as a private meditation to help me process my own experience at an Easter Vigil Mass a few... Continue Reading →

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Who’s Your Hero?

I had a girl for a hero!

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Pride Month: A Moderate Catholic Perspective (part 2)

Last time, I catalogued 4 different possible perspectives on LGBTQIA+ issues from a Catholic/Christian perspective. This time, I want to summarize Christian anthropology/theology and state my case that the prevalent sexual values in our society (which are also implicit in... Continue Reading →

Pride Month: A Moderate Catholic Perspective (part 1)

As our Holy Father Pope Francis has reminded us, we must go out to the margins and walk alongside those who struggle through life. This includes our brothers and sisters for whom Christ died who self-identify as LGBTQIA+ or same-sex attracted.

Anti-Abortion Laws Alone Aren’t Enough: Why the Pro-Life Movement Must Change or Die

accompanying law is always passed that guarantees affordable (or even free) healthcare coverage for all women of child-bearing age.

Masculinity and Femininity in Christian Anthropology, Part 1: Abolish the Word “Effeminate”

Let's stop using the word "effeminate" to describe anyone, male or female. Find a different word to describe the behaviors you don't like, and even when you do, be kind.

Anne Frank Series

This post contains links to ALL of my blog posts about Anne Frank: Who’s Your Hero? Anne Frank: The Diary of a Stateless Young Girl Anne Frank: The Diar(ies) of a Young Girl, Part 1; or, Editing: It’s as Simple as... Continue Reading →

Poll: What topic interests you the most?

Click on the poll block above to edit it directly in this post. Add a question, and multiple answers and even change the styling of the block using the sidebar controls. Add new poll blocks by searching for "poll" or... Continue Reading →

My Official Repudiation of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias

Belief in Christ is not a license to commit grave crimes against other human beings--God does not give anyone a ticket to Heaven, whereby we can commit grave crimes against other human beings and be forgiven automatically without repenting.

St. John Nepocene Neumann: A Tender Man with an Iron Faith, or, An Unlikely American Saint, Part 2

In my first post of this three-part series, I described the mental struggles suffered by St. John Neumann as a seminarian, and how he nonetheless endeavored a dangerous (and possibly one-way) journey to the United States in order to seek... Continue Reading →

St. John Nepocene Neumann: A Tender Man with an Iron Faith, or, An Unlikely American Saint, Part 1

When one thinks of the great heroes of the United States, one might call to mind hypermasculine figures that faced the hardships of life head-on with an indomitable swagger. One might call to mind John Wayne (or, at least, the... Continue Reading →

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