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"To reach perfection, I do not need to grow up. On the contrary, I need to stay little, to become more and more little."-St Therese of Lisieux

Who’s Your Hero?

I had a girl for a hero!

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Why We Shouldn’t Prank Little Kids; or, Don’t Be Mean on Halloween

Sure, kids get upset over things that we think are dumb, just as we get upset over a lot of things that the angels and saints think are dumb.

Lessons I Didn’t Get from Books; or, In Terms of Worms

This was just one of many lessons I learned in school that didn't come from a book.

For Kids Only: Lost and Found in Fishers

God isn't so worried about things like coins or phones. He cares more about people.

For Kids Only: Jesus and the Children

If the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children, that means that children can teach adults something about how to get to heaven!

So, What’s it Like?

I can only complete this walk with the strength that is made perfect in weakness.

For Kids Only: Tree Spring!

This blog post is written specifically with children 12 and younger in mind. Adults must obtain child permission prior to perusal of any of this content. I wanted to take a few moments to share with my friends a very... Continue Reading →

Another Senseless Tragedy: May the Footsteps Diverge

Sometimes progress means that children don't follow in our footsteps.

Thoughts on the Racial Divide in America; or, Hope for a Better Future for Three Girls and Their Generation

But my prayer to God is that the next generation will do a better job of selflessly loving each other, of opening their ears and their hearts to each other, than my generation has.

Love Thy Neighbor…Who is My Neighbor?

Those who are poor, who are destitute, who are wronged and marginalized, are perhaps closer to the heart of Jesus than anyone else in this world; that is why he called them “blessed.” Many more women and children fit into this category than do men.

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